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Work Matta Ergonomic Flooring


Matta Products Ltd is a New Zealand company that designs, manufactures and markets to the world the Work Matta™ range of workplace safety surfacing. Work Matta™ represents the new generation of high performing safety surfacing designed to enhance the working environment from both an ergonomic and aesthetic perspective. We lead the field in the creation of safe, clean and environmentally friendly workplace safety surfaces.

Environmentally friendly

With strong roots in recycling, Matta Products has perfected the technique of turning waste into a well-designed interlocking matting system that can be shaped to meet the needs of a commercial work space. Designed to provide the flexibility of today’s modern environment, the Work Matta™ Mats can be lifted and re-purposed as the manufacturing demands changes. With both closed and open mat solutions, layered with or without a grit surface, our range provides the most Health and Safety Conscious company the peace of mind when reviewing a safe work environment.

A huge range of flooring solutions


  • REDUCING back injuries from slips, trips and prolonged standing on concrete
  • DECREASING both muscular and mental stresses within your team
  • IMPROVING staff morale and INCREASING your team’s productivity by investing in their comfort and safety
  • REDUCING the costs of meeting health and safety legislation
  • Be genuinely IMPRESSED by anti-fatigue, anti-slip floor matting that meets your expectations.

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