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Craven Electrical are stockists of Ambersil products who are well known in the industry. The Ambersil brand provides engineers and maintenance professionals with exceptional product quality and performance, whilst maximising value for money.

Leading manufacturers

Ambersil is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial aerosols, chemical sprays and aerosol-based industrial cleaners. Ambersil sprays are used widely across the electronics, automotive, engineering, aviation and food industries.

A wide range


Professionals working in the automotive industry can choose from a wide range of Ambersil chemical cleaners and sprays relevant to their specialist applications, such as leak detectors, degreasers, brake cleaners and anti-static foam cleaners. Food industry professionals will find products compliant with industry standards, such as food grade silicone lubricant ideal for protecting, waterproofing and lubricating surfaces used in food preparation.


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